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Opening Te Kōanga Gala at MOTAT – Sept 19

The opening event at MOTAT on Sept 19 was a huge success! What a great way to start off Te Kōanga. Click here to see more, including a photo gallery.  

Jim Mora on Checkpoint: Photons are the Future

On Friday’s (Sept 18, 2015) Checkpoint, Jim Mora talked with Cather about the importance of getting NZ children well up on light. To here more, visit Radio New Zealand National or click this link.

Te Koanga in the NZ Herald

Cather visits Northcote Primary, where a bunch of enthusiastic kids give the new Light Matters kits a try. For more, visit the NZ Herald article.

Royal Society of New Zealand’s Ten by Ten Lectures: Luminaries

In recognition of the International Year of Light, ten New Zealand speakers will address the many facets of light in the 2015 Ten by Ten series. The talks are live streamed, and recorded for viewing later.  Head to the 2015… Continue Reading →

Kit 01 – Glowing Bacteria

Difficulty:    Unfortunately this kit is not available.         Report your results! Real scientists tell other people what they have found, and discuss what it might mean. You can do this below. Enter what you found as… Continue Reading →

Kit 04 – Reach for the stars

Reach for the stars

Kit 02 – Kitchen optics

Difficulty:    Click here to enter your results! Click here for Instructions in a PDF file Kit contents 2 packs of jelly (85 g each) 1 red laser pointer 1 empty plastic bottle + lid 1 UV LED (light emitting… Continue Reading →

Kit 05 – Ray Tracing Fun & Measuring the Speed of Light

Difficulty:    Click here to enter your results! Click here for PDF Instructions Kit contents 2 acrylic lenses (1 convex, 1 concave) 1 black acrylic piece with slits on it 1 white LED (light emitting diode) 1 button battery *To… Continue Reading →

Kit 03 – Coloured Shadows


Kit 06 – Measuring with light

Difficulty:    Some of the kits do not have a test tube you can use the box that the kit came in instead. You will also get a business card with instructions and a Berroca tablet which contains 15 mg… Continue Reading →

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