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Light Matters Kits

Build and experiment! Then, post your results and observations at the foot of each Light Matters kit page – upload video, photos or text!
You can also re-fill your kits here, with items that you can get from a $2-shop, supermarket or DIY hardware store.
Kits are rated by difficulty: one photon is easy, five photons is for the brave.
The fun never sets on Light Matters …

Kit 00 – Light Matters Box Spectroscope

Your Light Matters box has been carefully designed so that you can transform it into a spectroscope. A spectroscope separates light into its colour components and lets you look at them. Use your spectroscope on as many of your experiments… Continue Reading →

Kit 01 – Glowing Bacteria

Kit 04 – Reach for the stars

Reach for the stars

Kit 02 – Kitchen optics

Difficulty:    Click here to enter your results! Click here for Instructions in a PDF file Kit contents 2 packs of jelly (85 g each) 1 red laser pointer 1 empty plastic bottle + lid 1 UV LED (light emitting… Continue Reading →

Kit 05 – Ray Tracing Fun & Measuring the Speed of Light

Difficulty:    Click here to enter your results! Click here for PDF Instructions Kit contents 2 acrylic lenses (1 convex, 1 concave) 1 black acrylic piece with slits on it 1 white LED (light emitting diode) 1 button battery *To… Continue Reading →

Kit 03 – Coloured Shadows


Kit 06 – Measuring with light

Difficulty:    Some of the kits do not have a test tube you can use the box that the kit came in instead. You will also get a business card with instructions and a Berroca tablet which contains 15 mg… Continue Reading →

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